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No one's writing romances for women who love women anymore, so I did. The woman you want exists and '' that saying about life is true , when you stop looking for love it will find YOU.''

This one is for girls like me. Who are rougher and tougher, it’s ok to be a tomboy because not every girl is girly; tomboys are beautiful too!

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“I wanted you to feel me in these lines so I gave you a piece of my mind. Every piece of poetry is between you and me. I make love with my words they are full of passion and they evoke emotion.”

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Lesbian stud CJ has to learn that everything that glitters is not gold; and every woman she meets is not sane.


A collection of inspirational poetry for the LGBT community.

"You are ENOUGH! Love your exotic skin tones and know that there is greatness inside of you!"

"Ladies you’re growing through everything you’re going through. Roses symbolize women too!" 

 Sultry, soulful, sensual  inspirational poetry for women from the LGBT community. 

In this LGBT poetry/prose book about a fictional coming  out story read how a married woman leaves her husband for a woman and embraces her sexuality and love for women.

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"It’s time to start speaking life, into your life!" 

"Could you imagine what a love letter from GOD would be like?"

" Faith -based uplifting poetry about self-love and hope . 

"Inspirational poetry about pursuing your dreams."

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