Kamari Talley is a twenty-five year old lesbian, author, poet, motivational speaker, life coach and former international professional basketball player. Growing up Kamari struggled to embrace her sexuality due to religious beliefs that often times oppress and hinder people from embracing their sexuality; it wasn’t until she grew more in her relationship with GOD that she grew more into her writing and wrote  inspirational stories and poetry that encouraged her to encourage others to be true to who they are. She has written twelve total self-published books, 5 general inspirational works and seven self-published LGBT books that bridge sexuality with spirituality. That helps women and questioning people who may struggle to embrace their sexuality to gain the confidence to embrace both their sexuality and   spirituality. Her stories and poetry are uplifting, exciting, sensual, and inspirational they provide inspirational messages that empower women from the Lesbian community.  Both her writing and her speeches are uplifting, and inspirational. She has the unique ability to reach all people, of all age- groups. Through strong faith in God, hard work, and determination, she has easily captivated the hearts of many. She encourages others to be relentless, bold, and unstoppable! After all, the only one stopping you, is you!





-You can’t fail at being YOU, be blessed!

Kamari Talley 

Mission Statement

My mission statement is to uplift and empower individuals that are underestimated and broken due to society by using my uplifting speaking abilities and powerful poetry to   inspire, uplift, and plant seeds of faith and hope into the lives of others. After all, we are all growing through life!

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